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Three Key Tips for Staying on Budget

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In theory, staying on budget should be easy enough. You sit down, understand how much you can spend and then refuse to spend more than that. Of course, this is much easier said than done and most of us would welcome all the help we can get. Whether you’re making a budget for the first […]

Save on Your Next Vacation

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Though many people find it fairly easy to stay committed to a budget, vacations often become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. They tend to be seen as one of those things that, if they’re worth doing, they’re worth doing right, meaning spending what it takes to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. While […]

How to Lose Weight Not Money

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Everyone wants to get in better shape, but as we approach New Year’s, it will become more and more commonplace for people to make it their goal to finally shed some unwanted pounds once and for all. Unfortunately, losing inches around the waist often coincides with dropping dollars from the bank account too. Here are […]

Affordable Ways to Break a Sweat

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Just because you want to build a healthier, better looking body, doesn’t mean it will be that easy. Unfortunately, aside from the desire, motivation and time you need to put forward, it often also costs a lot of money just to reshape your own body. Gym memberships can cost a lot of money upfront before […]

The Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

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With so many options for where to put your money, it can be a real challenge at times to make the correct decision. While there’s no one right place for all your money to be, there are a lot of arguments to be made for investing a good chunk of your money into a mutual […]

How to Save on Home Repairs

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No matter how well you take care of it, at some point, your home is going to need some repairs. Owning a home can already be expensive enough, meaning the bill for repairs can be especially painful. Fortunately, it’s not mandatory that repairing your home leaves you financially burdened. First, before you ever start out […]

Easy Ways to Save Money on Car Repairs

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Part of owning a car means eventually having to pay for its repairs. Unfortunately, that can easily make up a large part of your annual budget. Far too often, people find themselves having to put off repairs their cars badly need simply because they can’t afford them. However, there are some easy ways to save […]

Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid

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When it comes to healthy financial decisions, more often than not, it’s deciding to avoid making certain mistakes that will leave you with the most in your savings. Unfortunately, there are a number of common practices far too many people unquestionably take part in that puts their money at risk. One good example of this […]

Alternatives to a Savings Account

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While just about everyone has a savings account, that doesn’t mean it necessarily makes sense as a permanent feature of one’s financial landscape. Instead, consider other places you can keep your money that may come with far more benefits. If you absolutely know you won’t need your money anytime soon, there’s almost no good reason […]

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