Steps for Filing Bankruptcy in San Diego

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Steps for Filing Bankruptcy in San Diego

When you feel that you may need to file for bankruptcy, chances are very good that you realize you are in serious financial trouble. Filing is not something that anyone takes lightly. However, when you have trouble with your finances, and the debt collectors simply will not leave you alone there may be no other choice. Do not wait too long to speak with an attorney about the process of filing. You will feel much better about your situation once you take control of it rather than letting it control you.


Get in touch with an attorney and set up the appointment so you can discuss your case and determine whether bankruptcy, and what type of bankruptcy, might be right for you. Your consultation is the point where you can ask all of the questions you have so you can be sure you are ultimately making the right decision.


Once you decide to file, the attorneys will gather documents and information about your debts. You need to provide them with all of the information you have regarding your debt and creditors so they can list all of them when they file. If you do not list all of them, they may not find the other creditors, and that means you could still owe them after going through the bankruptcy process. Always be as thorough as possible when gathering your information.


You will also need to attend a credit counseling course in San Diego when you go through the bankruptcy process. You need to do this before they will finalize the bankruptcy, and go through another one after the process. You will also go through a hearing before they finalize the bankruptcy. It’s a very simple process, and good attorneys will walk you through every step of the process to make it as easy and pain free as possible.



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