How to Lose Weight Not Money

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How to Lose Weight Not Money

Everyone wants to get in better shape, but as we approach New Year’s, it will become more and more commonplace for people to make it their goal to finally shed some unwanted pounds once and for all. Unfortunately, losing inches around the waist often coincides with dropping dollars from the bank account too. Here are some ways to do the former, not the latter and get the healthy foods you need.

You can save a good chunk of change simply by going meatless one day a week. Although meat packs plenty of protein, it is generally the most expensive form of food, so laying off it for just a single day a week can really add up when you do it 52 times throughout the year. On top of that, by taking away such a central component of your diet, you’ll be forced to consider other methods of consuming protein (nuts, legumes, beans, etc.) and have more space for vegetables you may have been ignoring.

One good way to invest these savings would be by purchasing your healthy food choices in bulk. Yes, it’s more money upfront, but you’ll also save in the long run. Furthermore, when you invest in something healthy, you can’t spend that money on something unhealthy, plus you’ll be more motivated to follow through, so as not to face the shame of wasting that cash.

If you have a hard time saying no to certain foods you know aren’t good for you, try sticking to just the perimeter of your grocery store. It’s there that you’ll find produce, meat, legumes and nuts. In the center aisles is usually where they keep the cookies, soda and sugary cereals.

While you should definitely think about working out, diet is by far the most important thing you can change about your current lifestyle if you want to lose weight.


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