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San Diego Bankruptcy Law Firm Thompson | Wedeking

Throughout the ages, we’ve heard the biblical account of David and Goliath portrayed a certain way- David was the underdog and defeated a giant to everyone’s surprise. This story seems complete, but what if we flipped the story on its head and told you that David was supposed to beat Goliath? We believe that is the truth of the story.

Regardless of David’s physical size, he was a projectile warrior- experienced, trained and feared as a slinger who could strike in seconds. Goliath, on the other hand was slow and weighed down by armor.

It’s a fight that David was equipped to win.

He fought with courage, poise and accurate action, but most importantly, he fought for his people.

At Thompson | Wedeking, we feel this view on the ancient story closely parallels our own. This world is full of giant odds. When the stakes are high, and your livelihood is on the line, you will need to call upon someone to step forward and take a stand in the face of uncertainty. You will need a law firm that, with years of experience, has helped the people of Southern California face their legal conflicts with the necessary courage. We are a law firm that will rise to the challenge and fight for the people who deserve it most.

It is not a stone we will use to fight. Our slingshot is armed with the values that we hold close. Our Service to Society, Courage to Compete, Creativity in the Conquest and Accuracy in Action along with a proven understanding of the US legal system give us the edge in any battle we face.

If you need a San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney, we’re here for you. When giant challenges arise, there is one law firm ready to take aim for your rights.




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