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The Difference between a Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy

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Generally speaking, there are three types of bankruptcy. You can file a chapter 7, 11, or 13. However, for most individuals, it will come down to choosing between a chapter 7 and 13. The two versions are the most popular for individuals to file, but are very different from one another. You should never declare […]

The Benefits of Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Filing bankruptcy is never a welcomed situation, but it’s important to remain focused on the positive. After all, bankruptcy exists to help people get the relief they need during a rough time. However, before you file and actually get that relief, you’ll need to decide which chapter is right for you. One of the most […]

How Bankruptcy Will Affect Your Credit

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Declaring bankruptcy is a serious matter that needs to be considered carefully. Long before declaring bankruptcy, you should consider meeting with financial professionals who can help you ensure it’s the right decision to make. Filing bankruptcy only takes a few minutes, but it will have longstanding effects even after the relief it provides is over. […]

Is It Time to Declare Bankruptcy?

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No one ever wants to think that they may have to declare bankruptcy, but it’s there for a reason and sometimes, it really is your best bet. The idea behind bankruptcy is that the government recognizes that sometimes you’ve painted yourself into a corner. Instead of making things worse, you’re allowed a clean slate, so […]

Tips for Getting Rid of Debt

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Unfortunately, debt has become practically a fact of life for most people. That doesn’t always mean it’s a disaster, of course. But, the majority of those with any kind of debt would admit that they’d like to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Of course, for some, debt is an overwhelming feature of […]

How to Make Bankruptcy Worse

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It’s never easy deciding to file for bankruptcy. However, once you’ve made the decision, it shouldn’t be too hard to get through the process and, of course, soon you’ll be enjoying a new beginning and the relief that comes with it. That being said, you need to be careful about what you do prior to […]

Possible Alternatives to Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is always a scary prospect for people to face. Sometimes, though, it really is for the best; it’s a necessary step to take in order to move forward. That being said, you should still consider the alternatives to filing bankruptcy before taking said steps. It has permanent ramifications you’ll need to live with, after […]

Handling Credit Card Debt

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Depending on how you use them, credit cards can be a great and beneficial payment option or they can feel like a deal with the devil. Millions of Americans suffer under the weight of their own credit card debt. If this describes you right now, consider the following tactics for getting out from under it. […]

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