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Why You Should Stay Away from Credit Repair Clinics

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On their face, credit repair clinics may seem like your prayers answered. They offer the help of experienced professionals in fixing your credit, something many of us could use these days more than ever. Unfortunately, credit repair clinics could probably quite fairly be described as scams. Worse still, they prey on people who are already […]

How to Save on Food

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Every budget needs to include a certain allotment for the food you need every month. Any budget without a healthy amount invested in that category isn’t a very realistic one and won’t do you much good. That being said, although food is absolutely essential to your wellbeing, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a […]

How to Quickly Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

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Getting into credit card debt couldn’t be easier. In fact, many credit card companies could even be said to make it a little too easy. Even those with the best of intentions often find themselves owning more than they ever expected, which can become a huge hazard to not just your personal finances at the […]

Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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For many couples, weddings come with both a sense of excitement and dread. Obviously, there better be some level of anticipation or something is very wrong. However, in order to throw the wedding of their dreams, many couples find it will take a financial nightmare. The first thing you and your fiancé should do, then, […]

Easy Source of Second Income

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Just about everyone would love having a second source of income to rely on. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day. Those of us who would be willing to sacrifice our social lives to bring in some extra cash usually don’t have much of one to begin with because of our familial […]

What to Consider When You Try to Refinance Your Home

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Refinancing your home has always been a popular decision for a number of reasons. However, it’s not a choice you should make rashly. So before you refinance your house, consider the following. First, you always need to measure if it’s actually worth it over the long term. No matter what other factors are at play, […]

Tips for Lowering Your Electricity Bill

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If you’re looking to give your budget some help, don’t forget about addressing some of those recurring payments you’re making. Your electricity is a great example of how you can make small changes that will really add up over time. While CFL bulbs are still relatively expensive upfront, there’s no debating that they’re far more […]

Say No to Payday Loans

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If you’ve ever found yourself in need of some quick cash—and who hasn’t?—you’re probably well aware of what’s called a “payday loan.” This resource is the go-to option for countless people all over the country when they need money fast. Unfortunately, it should be avoided at all costs. The idea behind a payday loan is […]

How to Save Money on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which usually means a number of reasons to celebrate. For many of us, though, this time of year represents the stress that comes from balancing a delicious feast with respecting our budget. One way to offset your costs is by inviting your guests to each bring a dish of […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Asking for a Raise

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There are a number of ways you can do more with the money you make, whether we’re talking about simply saving it, using it to pay down debts or putting it toward some long term goal. However, don’t forget about addressing the amount of money you make. Obviously, the more of it you have coming […]

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