Tips for Saving Money in College

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Tips for Saving Money in College

Although college is supposed to provide you with the path to a financially promising future, it costs a lot to get there. Just about every student compiles debt while attending college, but many also find themselves with money troubles during their tenure.

One way to save money in college is by purchasing used textbooks. As you probably already know, or will soon find out, textbooks are extremely expensive. It’s not rare for them to cost hundreds of dollars. Most schools have a bookstore on campus or nearby that will sell them at a discount when they’ve been previously used. However, you stand to save a lot more money by shopping online or even posting on social media. College bookstores tend to offer poor compensation to those who sell them used texts, so by purchasing direct, both parties benefit.

If you’re living off campus, you should really look into taking public transportation or carpooling to class. The cost of gas, car payments, and insurance is more than any college student should have to shoulder. Chances are there’s a parking permit involved too.

Many students also use a meal plan for the majority of their food. This is an easy way to end up overspending though. Be sure to study the plans before choosing one and asking other students who have experience with them. It’s also a good idea to reassess your meal plan after each semester to ensure it still makes sense. You also stand to save a lot of money by heading to the grocery store, buying in bulk (get other students to go in with you) and cutting out coupons.

Like most students, you’ll probably graduate with more debt than you’d like to think about. Fortunately, with the above tips, you don’t need to experience money troubles while you’re still attending classes.


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