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Bankruptcy Filings Going Down Slightly in San Diego

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According to recent data, it seems that the number of people filing for bankruptcy across the country, including in San Diego, is starting to drop slightly. It’s true that the number of cases has fallen from this time just a year ago, and that’s a very good thing. It means that people may finally be […]

How to Find a San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer

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If you are facing some troublesome financial times, and you do not see a way to get out of those troubles, then it might be time to consider the reality of bankruptcy. No one likes the idea of filing, and many fear that it will ruin them financially. In actuality, filing could be the thing […]

San Diego Opera Faces Financial Struggles

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When most people think about financial issues, they think about the personal financial problems of individuals. They think about bad credit, mounting debt, and the possibility of an impending bankruptcy. However, more than just individuals can find themselves facing financial troubles, as the San Diego Opera is discovering. They have been struggling for some time […]

Tips for Avoiding Bankruptcy

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Thinking about filing for bankruptcy is frightening for any San Diego resident facing serious financial issues. Sometimes, talking with an attorney and deciding to file for bankruptcy is the only way to solve the problems. However, when you consult with an attorney, he or she might also tell you that you have some options available […]

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