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San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney

In San Diego, Chapter 13 debt relief bankruptcy has made a large impact on the monthly payments owed on credit card debt.  With Chapter 13, it is possible to be without credit card debt within three to five years.  Do not let another day go by.  Let our bankruptcy attorneys help you.

All bankruptcy attorneys know that credit card debt is the most unmanageable debt.  This leads consumers to look for real and practical solutions.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides that solution.  We all know an individual’s credit will be hurt by any bankruptcy filing, but Chapter 13 has the lowest impact of any of the bankruptcy chapters.

The effect on credit scores generally lasts five years, but, as said above, the effects of filing Chapter 13 are much less than filing Chapter 7. This is because individuals are actually paying their debt in the plan rather than having it completely wiped out in a San Diego Chapter 7.  If possible, bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego should recommend Chapter 13 over Chapter 7 debt relief.  Also, under a Chapter 13, you will be making payments on your other debts. This will help to improve your credit score in a couple of years.

Depending on how large your debt is, bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego can use Chapter 13 to restructure credit card debt in a period of three to five years.  You will make your payments to the Chapter 13 trustee, who will then disburse the payments to your Chapter 13 creditors.  Once the plan is over, the remaining debts will be discharged.

The credit card companies will be very aggressive in trying to collect any credit card debt owed.  You need an aggressive bankruptcy lawyer to fight back.  For over 35 years Thompson | Wedeking has helped thousands of individuals in San Diego, Southern California and California get the fresh start and credit card relief they deserve.  Call our office today at 619.615.0767 for more information.

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