How to Save Money on Your Next Hotel

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How to Save Money on Your Next Hotel

Whether you travel constantly for work or you just take a vacation or two every year, hotels are a part of just about everyone’s life at one point or another. This doesn’t mean you need to pay full-price though. By following the below tips you could either save a lot of money over the course of a year or simply make your family vacation a bit more affordable.

Everyone knows you can go online these days and search multiple hotels at once for the best price. So it makes sense to start there. However, if you want to shave real money off your bill, call the second-lowest hotel on the list and tell them you went with the most affordable option. Let them know you’ve been reading customer reviews, though, and having second thoughts. Then find out if they’re willing to secure your business by becoming the lowest bidder. It might not work, but it’s always worth a shot.

To maximize your chances, tell them you’re interested in the most affordable “nonrefundable rate.” For one thing, this ensures the clerk at the front desk that you won’t be taking the bidding war further. It’s also industry jargon that will get the point across that you’re aware of how the business works.

Many people don’t actually need any help securing lower rates if they’d just remember the prices they’re entitled to. Are you member of AAA for example? Then you probably qualify for special rates just for having a membership number. If you work for a major corporation, they may be able to offer you the same deals. Major credit cards do the same for their members too. Consider all the groups you belong to and search for any discounts they provide.

Don’t add to the cost of your trip by staying in a hotel that costs more than it should. Utilize the above advice to spend as little as possible.


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