How to Save on Your Healthcare

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Some parts of your budget may seem like they’re permanent features. Things like rent/mortgages, groceries, gas, etc. can only be reduced so much. You may feel the same way about your healthcare. However, if you don’t know all the ways you can decrease your monthly bill, you’re probably paying a lot more than you actually need to. So even though you need healthcare insurance, consider how the following tactics can decrease your overall bill.

First of all, always be vigilant about getting the best plan possible. Don’t just assume that the one with the lowest premium automatically makes the most sense. Instead, jot down how many times you go to the doctor each year, your prescriptions, number of dental cleanings, etc. Then, look for plans that will cover these average needs for the least amount. Do this every year. While it may be a hassle to look over so many plans, it could also save you a ton of money.

Another way to address plans is simply going with one that has a high deductible. While this may seem like a big change from your old plan and the amount it would cover, high deductible options are a no-brainer for those who are in good health and don’t go to the doctor regularly.

Of course, another really great method is to simply get in better shape. Saving money on your health insurance can be one more important reason to finally lose that extra weight or quit smoking. Many insurance companies will even reward pre-existing customers for hitting important milestones that mean they have improved their overall health.

While health insurance is something we all need to have, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on it. With the above methods, you stand to get all the help you need while still respecting your budget.


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