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San Diego Loan Modifications – Stop Foreclosure In San Diego – San Diego Foreclosure Attorneys

As San Diego bankruptcy lawyers, we are getting more and more clients who have attempted loan modifications before seeking protection through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 debt relief plans. While this was billed as the great saving plan for those behind on their mortgage payments, we are seeing that it has been a monumental disaster. Further, there are many unscrupulous companies out there that will take your hard earned money knowing they will not be able to modify your loan.

However, you want to make sure that you are not involved in one of the rampant scams in the loan modification business. Here are some of the signs:

  • You should never pay up-front fees. In fact, it is illegal for non-lawyer foreclosure and loan modification consultants to collect money before services are rendered.
  • You should not ignore your creditors.
  • You should not transfer a title to your home to ANYONE. This is a racket that has been spreading in recent years. These people will not modify your loan or stop San Diego foreclosures.
  • You should not send your home loan payments to ANYONE other than your lender. There is a risk that the loan modification company will keep the money for themselves and your lender will start a San Diego foreclosure.
  • You should never sign any documents without first consulting with an experienced San Diego foreclosure attorney.

Now, we are not saying that every loan modification firm is out to rip you off. There are plenty of loan modification companies that are legitimate. When you do begin to work with a San Diego loan modification company, your foreclosure lawyer will want to contact your lender in order to stop the San Diego foreclosure. This is something that you must do if you want keep yourself from losing your home. After they stop the San Diego foreclosure, you will want your loan modification attorney to put together a timeline of the upcoming events.

If you are someone in San Diego that is facing a foreclosure, you must act quickly either through a San Diego Chapter 13 or a loan modification. The best way to get out of financial trouble is to to contact a San Diego foreclosure or loan modification attorney.

Call our office TODAY to set up a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. At Thompson | Wedeking, because we are San Diego bankruptcy lawyers, we will guide you through each step of the Chapter 7, Chapter 13, foreclosure or loan modification process. You can stop any San Diego foreclosure before it starts. Call us at 619.615.0767 for more information.

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