How to Cut Inches off Your Waist and the Cost Involved

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How to Cut Inches off Your Waist and the Cost Involved

Although we all want to get healthy, there can be a million obstacles that seemingly stand in our way. For many of us, one of the major ones is our budget. We all know that unhealthy food—which just happens to taste amazing—is also cheap and affordable. So let’s take a look at some ways to save money on a healthier diet.

The first thing you should think about doing is substituting the expensive versions of healthy foods for the more affordable ones. For example, fresh berries are amazing for you, but can cost more than most would like to pay. Frozen berries, however, are still good for you, yet cost far less. You can do the same by purchasing instant oats instead of the prepackaged versions (this also makes it easier for you to make your own, healthier oatmeal).

It should go without saying that salad is a perfectly healthy addition to any meal. A lot of us, therefore, buy prepackaged mixes. They cost a lot more, though, than just purchasing a head of lettuce and won’t last you as long, due to both quantity and because even in the crisper, pre-packaged versions usually wilt faster.

One hurdle to going healthy is often the lack of flavor quality foods seem to have when compared to their over-processed cousins. You can fix this by adding all kinds of spices to your meals though. Save money by purchasing spices from bulk bins or even specialty stores. On top of saying money, you’ll probably be consuming far less preservatives too.

Lastly, if you understand how many calories you need to eat everyday to lose weight, shopping becomes a lot easier because you have more flexibility regarding what you buy. This will mean you can buy healthy foods in bulk when you happen to find them on sale.

If you’ve wanted to lose weight but let your budget hold you back, use the above advice to get in shape and save money.


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