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Tips for Getting Personal Finances in Order

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No one likes having financial problems or living from paycheck to paycheck, desperately hoping that you can keep on the lights and the other utilities while still paying the rent. It’s a terrible feeling, but is one that many San Diegans have to deal with each day. Whether they aren’t making enough at their current […]

Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

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One of the reasons that so many in San Diego say they are reluctant to file for bankruptcy is because they fear what it will do to their credit. It’s a natural fear, but you have to understand that living in a situation where you aren’t paying your bills on time or where you are […]

Bankruptcy Is Not the End for San Diego Residents

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Law firms in San Diego have been seeing quite a large number of bankruptcy cases over the past few years. Even though the economy is starting to do better, people have still been struggling to make ends meet financially. They are behind on their bills, their credit score is dropping like a stone, and keeping […]

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