Will Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Harassment?

Are your creditors harassing you to the point that you will not even answer your phone? Is your mailbox filled with past due notices? If you answered yes, it is time you called an experienced San Diego bankruptcy attorney to help you file Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 debt relief.

The normal collection scenario starts a little like this. First, your creditor will send you a letter informing you that your account is past due and they are going to attempt to initiate collection action. Creditors will normally harass you before they seek judicial intervention. If they do seek judicial intervention, you will have to respond within 30 days or your credit will get a judgment. If they begin collection on the judgment, they could take your property, garnish your wages or even worse. Let an experienced San Diego bankruptcy lawyer explain how best to give you a fresh start.

As soon as you file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief, all creditor harassment and collection MUST stop. If they continue, the action will be in violation of the automatic stay, which could result in serious penalties.

One of the most powerful parts of bankruptcy protection is the ability to stop a foreclosure. Even if you cannot get current on your debts by filing for bankruptcy, you will buy yourself some time. San Diego foreclosures can be very stressful and time consuming. A San Diego foreclosure lawyer can stop creditor harassment.

At Thompson | Wedeking, we have helped thousands of individuals with San Diego foreclosure, debt relief and Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Call our office TODAY at 619.615.0767.

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